Cleanse + Rewire Experience (1-Week)

A cleansing experience that educates you.

The body is the vehicle for the mind and soul. Understanding and listening to our body and our relationship with it is an important starting point in our understanding of the Self.

Samantha Sacchi and Daniela Isaza will be guiding you through this live, online program via webinar and email through this 7-day group experience.

We take you through a carefully curated one-week cleansing experience where we give our body a break as we teach you about natural and holistic nutrition.

Through this conscious cleanse we will reconnect with our bodies, which will be one of the most important parts of this process. We believe no one but you really knows what is best for you if we only learn to listen to our bodies. 

Through food, we will give a little reset to the Physical Self – which inevitable has ripple effects on your mind, emotions, and spirit. We can’t wait to show you!

Objectives of the program

  • Reconnecting with your body and learning to actually listen to it
  • Understanding the basics of holistic and natural health and nutrition, from the physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives
  • Learning about gut health and eating for optimal digestion
  • Giving your body a break and detoxify
  • Creating new habits and a healthy relationship with food based on your individual needs, experience, and insight
  • Simplifying and helping you find your own balance

Sometimes encouragement and support is needed in breaking habits, when we can’t find the will power do it ourselves.

Next Cleanse:
In August!

Why you will love it

You will love this because Samantha and Daniela make this process fun and light. It is a time and space for YOU. We will be your personal coaches through this process. It is all about self-discovery. We want you to enjoy this week fully because it is an amazing experience!

This experience was created in order to combine theory with practice. We educate you and give you guidelines, not only about food, but about how the human mind works with regards to food.

We help you understand your own and unique relationship with food, and then offer you an experiential journey so you can see that theory in practice.

These are some of the benefits of the online Detox Program:

This process is designed to create consciousness and awareness.

Most importantly, we are so passionate about this! We want you to find it easy and accessible to eat well and lead a balanced and clean lifestyle to feel healthy and good with yourself!

How It Works

  • Our cleanse will have 4 video sessions that last about 20-40 mins depending on the content covered.
  • Each video session will cover different very important topics to educate you, guide you and support you.
  • Every single day of the detox is different. A few days before the cleanse you will receive the guidelines via email on the general preparation of what you will need. 
  • Everybody’s process will be completely different because everyone’s body is completely different. We respect the bio-individuality of each person.

If you’re confused with information overload or have derailed from healthy food habits, this is perfect.

What this is NOT

  • This is not a juicing detox
  • This does not require any supplements or special foods
  • This is not a weight loss scheme (but may be a side effect)
  • This does not replace the advice of a doctor

“Being healthy should be very simple.
It is being unhealthy that should be complicated.”

-Samantha Sacchi Muci

Detox Schedule

Kick off: Preparation Session
Video introduction – Session 1.
Basics of real holistic nutrition and healthy digestion. Breaking myths. Preparing the mind.
(1.5 hours)

Day 1  – The Take Off
Today we begin with our first set of guidlienes with the knowledge gained in the previous session. Our observation skills sharpen and our awareness increases. Email reminders and guidelines for next day.

Day 2 – Flying higher
Video – Session 2.
We dive a little deeper. What it means to listen to your body.
 Understanding real hunger and the reasons why we eat.

Day 3 – Almost there.
Active listening and sharpened awareness of the body. 
Email reminders and guidelines for next day.

Day 4 – We’re flying.
Video – Session 3: Detoxing and our bodies natural detox abilities.
Fasting and its history.
The distribution of energy in the body.

Day 5 – We begin to land.
Active listening and sharpened awareness of the body. 
Email reminders and guidelines for the next day.

Day 6 – We’ve touched ground.
Video – session 4: Conclusions, insight, reminders, and overview. 
How to apply what we’ve learned to day-to-day life. 
Looking at today’s food industry. Tips, tricks, and recipes.

Day 7 – Roger, we have landed.
Last day. Active listening and sharpened awareness of the body.
Email reminder and post-detox guidelines.

It really feels good to give your body a little break.

What we need from you

  • Commitment and trust
  • Preferably not to have any events, parties, weddings or difficult eating situations during this week (unless you are the master of will power)
  • Access to the internet to connect to the live sessions (they will be recorded in case that you can’t attend live)
  • Sharing your experience. We encourage sharing how you are feeling, what you are noticing in your body, as it helps others in the group and helps us know what your body is going through so we can assist you better

We invite you to create new habits and establish a healthy relationship with your body.

What it includes

  • Participation in the 1-week Detox Program
  • 5 live sessions online covering different topics
  • Personalized recommendations 
  • Daily Emails during program
  • Support materials (PDF, videos, etc.)
  • Community support (FB or whatsapp group)

Next available Detox Program dates:

June 19th / June 20th

First Live Webinar Preparation Session:

USA: June 18th @ 7 pm (GMT -7: San Francisco) / 10 pm (GMT -4: Miami)
Australia: June 19th @ 10 am (AWST: Perth) / 12 pm (AEST: Melbourne)

Detox will begin the following day. 

Limited spots: Maximum 10 people per program.

You can request an private program for your group of minimum 3 participants.

What people say about it:

I never imagined it would happen like that. I thought it would just be a diet or a detox but very slowly and in a very short time it transformed into a lifestyle and I didn’t even realize. Things that I had been trying for a whole year like lose weight ad eat well.. And suddenly everything transformed in one week. It has been over a month and I’ve continued. It was like taking consciousness, not only of what I ate, but of everything I was doing. For me it was very very important.

Paola – USA

A fabulous experience that allowed me to discover the potential of eating well and taking care of my health while we give some love and nurturing to our body! I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but with Samantha’s help it was wonderful and even fun!

Adriana – Venezuela

I want to deeply thank you for a very interesting and nurturing week. I really appreciate all the important information gave us. Putting aside the fact of losing weight, I have to say that I can see, but most important I can feel an enormous  change of energy, sleep, and well being in my body. 

In the past, I have always tried to eat well, I am aware of how important it is to have a good nutrition. However, there are some pre-established concepts that are not necessarily true, and after this venture I could identify them and modify them. After this detox week, I have new tools that I could use to make sure that I am taking better care of my family and myself. Lastly, I want to say that one of my major passions is cooking, and now I can be very creative in the task of cooking healthy, fun and tasty meals every day! 

Isabel – Florida, USA

Why did I do the detox in the first place? Once I had a talk with Samantha telling her about my health, food-connected issues and she said I should definitely think about doing the detox to understand my body better and feel better with myself.  I was always super skeptical about things like this thinking it’s going to help me only for a while, if at all, and then what? I have to admit I was finding excuses not to do it because I was lazy with organising myself and being strict about the diet. What I found out after the detox with Samantha is that she gave me knowledge that is easily applicable, rational and actually useful. With every live session she got me to know my organism, she recognised my issues or possible issues very fast and she gave me advice that made it easier for me to feel lighter and better after having a meal. I have to admit that food restrictions are one of the biggest struggles for me, so I needed a lot of emotional and psychological support during that time and except her nutrition knowledge she supported me also on that level motivating me and giving me strength everyday. Of course some of the things I managed to put into life after the detox and with some I still struggle but at least now I know what to do when I want to feel better with my body what also means with my mind.

Marianna – Italy

Undecided or open to trying in the future?

Have a chat with us! We’d love to talk to you to see if this program fits what you’re looking for. You can also sign up and stay up to date on new dates and programs.

More questions?

What if I have allergies or intolerances?

No problem at all. When you sign up, there will be a questionnaire where we ask you about relevant health issues and dietary restrictions. The program is great for understanding intolerances or allergies in the body.

Can I do this if I have health problems?

We all have some issues, but this program is not for everyone. When you sign up, we will evaluate the health issues and let you know if we think it is safe to proceed. You can also consult with your doctor.

What if I can’t follow through?

If for any reason you want to drop out or not continue, this is not a problem. We will guide you out of the detox safely. We like to ease the body into and out of changes to have smooth transitions and no strong physical reactions. We do not offer parttial refunds if you decide to drop out.

What if I need assistance?

You will have two certified specialists just a call, text or email away. If you have any concerns, or you have any question, we will be happy to assist you personally. Once the experience is finished and you find you would like deeper support or health coaching, we would be happy to set up a private session.