Investing in YOU is always the right decision.

We have everything we need inside, we just can’t always see it. 
At least, that is what we believe.

Whether it is coaching, mentoring, or consulting (yes, there are differences), my main aim is to be a tool for your own self-discovery. We aim to bring light to aspects of yourself or your external situations that you might not be able to see.

Empowerment. Yes, the power you have is immense. It always has been, but our education and society have been set up in a way that mostly dim us down and make us fit in, rather than allowing us to rise.

Real empowerment requires self-awareness, it requires observation, it requires questioning. We need tools, we need vocabulary, we need to learn how to do this. And it can be scary for some to look in.

Real leadership requires vulnerability. It takes courage to admit you aren’t perfect. It takes courage to want to change, to want to improve.

A tolerance of weakness, you might say, is a prerequisite for the discovery of power, for any exercise of strength motivated by an avoidance of weakness is not genuine power.

Thomas moore

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or unemployed and lost with no sense of direction – I don’t care. I respect you anyway. We are all human, we all have fears, emotions, obstacles, and needs. We all need help. We all get lonely. And it is hard for us all to admit this to ourselves and to ask for help.


Change is the only constant, but the speed of change has also changed. Times are changing like never before.

The world is shifting quickly, and when I say the world, I include our minds. If you haven’t heard of the ‘collective unconscious’, you will soon. We are all part of an interconnected network, who need each other and thrive together.

The values of our society are being shaped and shifted, the models and frameworks we have been using to observe and interpret the world are no longer sufficient. And much inner work and tools are required to move forward.

And as much as this word resonates with you or doesn’t at all, the world needs a lot of healing in order to move forward. You can see this with the people around you, you can see it in politics and the economy, you can see it in religions of the world.

It all begins with YOU.Always has, always will.

Our minds can become noisy places, we create pressures and expectations and thoughts that become unbearable weights that don’t allow us to move forward. Clearing all of that noise, those obstacles in your mind is the way forward.

And the first step is realizing that your mind creates its own reality.

There are many endeavors that are so much simpler and lighter when we have someone accompanying us through it.

“I think everybody needs a coach at some point in their lives. As I coach, I work with your objectives. I put your objectives into context, into a bigger picture.

I am certified in Neuro-linguistic programing and have a Masters degree in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Coaching. But beyond that, helping you navigate through the ocean of your mind is one of my favorite things on Earth.”

-Samantha Sacchi Muci, Founder of the Self Club

Coaching is a powerful act of empowerment and self-love. The best investment. 

Types of Sessions:

  • Self-discovery Mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Executive/Business coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching

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