Coming Home – Camino de Santiago

A 10-day journey back home to yourself

What is the Camino de Santiago?

I will be taking you to a magical land. The Camino de Santiago or ‘The Way of St. James’ is one of the oldest and most famous pilgrimages routes in the world. Traditionally, pilgrims from all over the world went to Santiago to go visit the remains of the Apostle St. James. Nowadays, people from all over world journey to Santiago for innumerable reasons. 

I’ve had the honor and privilege of helping thousands of pilgrims from across the globe have their lives deeply touched or transformed by this walk with the company I founded with my mother: Marly Camino

A 10-day journey to come home to yourself.

We will walk the last 100 kilometers (63 miles) of the Camino 

  • Changing the relationship you have with yourself.
  • Knowing, seeing and loving yourself.
  • Rewriting your story.
  • Healing your past, owning your present to create your future.
  • Changing the relationship you have with fear.
  • Becoming your own ally and best friend. 
  • Developing the mindset that can guide you through life.
  • Learning to trust and believe in yourself.
  • Seeing yourself in a new light, by finding your own light.
  • It’s about investing in your healing and your growth.

A Holistic Container

Psychological work

Self-reflection and self-awareness is at the heart my my work. We will do belief work, expand the neuropathways create new beliefs & patterns in our mind.

Nature Therapy

Being in nature is like magic. We will enjoy the presence of life force, oxygen, and Mother Earth nurtures us and connects us with spirit like nothing else. 

Embodiment Work

We will be working with the body, not only as we walk, but also in the mornings and evenings through dancing, stretching and yoga postures.

Visualisation Work

We do guided visualizations and meditations to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

This will change you.

  • Deeper self-love and self-awareness
  • Practical life-long exercises to work through your emotions
  • An amazing tribe for support, community and accountability
  • Upskill key soft skills: Mindset, adaptability, resilience,
  • An emotional Intelligence toolkit for you and to teach those around you
  • Connection with your purpose, light and power
  • Tools to deal with repeating patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Deeper spiritual connection with yourself and your feminine essence
  • Empowering you to have the courage to be YOU
  • Support to face your fears and gain confidence in yourself, your vision & dreams

Whether it’s your business, career, finances or relationships – everything begins with healing the relationship with yourself.

We create a supportive, inspirational space for pilgrims to access their power, self-worth and courage.

I joined with the intention to raise self-awareness, understand myself better, and regain confidence. Samantha had the exact words and concepts that I needed to hear and I just got so excited because I was learning so much.

She truly showed me a perspective that lifted me above the shadows that I was living in and now I’m able to see things differently. This program reminded me that now I can choose again to leave the victim mode that I was in and to start creating my life with conscious responsibility and utmost trust for it.


No words can describe it. Unapologetic yes, I’m choosing me even if life is going crazy. Having trust in the unknown and welcoming the chaos. Here I am, checking in, doing my work and I’m fucking proud of myself. 

The biggest awakening I had was to see behind the system and what the system tries to do and using the power for something so unhealthy. That was shocking. I chose breaking out of it.

My biggest wish is that more women can see that, feel it, and become more supportive to each other. That we’re holding hands and get this instead of pointing fingers. That would be beautiful. 


The impact it had on me was to open that door of deep healing and find a real peace within. I could see how my face changed with this work. My hair and skin are glowing, I have way less wrinkles and no more tension at all, my muscles are firm but relaxed. It just hit me,  that inside change reflecting on the external physical. And internal as well, I suffered since 11 or 12 years old from regular painful digestions and haven’t had any since months

I also learned with that program to allow myself to connect to others on an emotional level, I learned I could trust my intuition on whom I could be vulnerable with and be safe to show my emotion but mostly receive their vulnerability in a safe way.

Connecting with this group of women is the most wonderful part of this program. I wouldn’t have make such progress on my own for sure, but even on a one-on-one work with a coach. Having others’ experiences reflected back at me was so eye-opening over my own wounds and so supportive in doing the work.


The power of feminine energy.. it’s just innately powerful. I never paid attention to distinguish my feminine vs. masculine energy and I realized I had a lot more masculine energy. 


The biggest thing is that I learned to feel. It’s not that I didn’t feel before, but to pay attention to that and honoring that. Not doubting the space it deserves. In my life, in society… I truly feel this is my calling.

I’m so happy I have this anchor now. I feel I am exactly where I should be. I’m so proud of myself for choosing to do this. For working on myself as a person.


I am eternally grateful for the Unapologetic experience and the connections I made with a beautiful sisterhood! I knew it was something I had to do and I am so happy I listened to my intuition to give myself the time and space to connect so deeply.

I learnt so much about myself and have so any tools. This is so powerful, I keep coming back to it. Thank you Sam and to all the women xx