Workshops & Bootcamps

We believe in experiential learning. Theory is great. But integrating that theory in The Self is what we really love. That’s why we create experiences with a little bit of theory and a lot of “doing”!

Here is what’s happening Melbourne, Australia!

Self Talks @ Framework

Informal discussions about The Self we don’t know where else to have.
Two Thursdays per month: June 20th, July 4th, July 18th

Epic Self Studios & Bootcamps

• 2-hour Masterclass Self-Love: Your Ultimate Secret Weapon 
June 27th @ Insight Academy

• 4-hour Bootcamp – EQ is the new IQ: How to Apply Emotional Intelligence June 29th @ Insight Academy

• 4-hour Self Studio – Core Values: The Secret to Purpose and Fulfillment – July 13th @ Framework

• 4-hour Bootcamp – Communication for Effective Collaboration – July 27th @ Insight Academy

Coming soon:

  • Emotions 101: Navigating Emotions and How they Serve Us
  • The Body-Mind Connection: Nutrition for your Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being

Want a Customized Workshop for your group?

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