Maria Anna Wasylkowska

Maria Anna Wasylkowska

Age 27  –  ENFP  –  Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Ascendant  –  Number 4

Curiosity, hunger for self-knowledge, need of understanding, creating owns perception, searching for pleasures and freedom are a non-stop feelings in my life.

Have you ever met people who opened your eyes wider for things you didn’t even think about before, inspired you by telling you something that never crossed your mind or showed you something that made your heart skip a bit faster? I did, and that gave me power to become one of them too.

I have lived in Poland, Italy, Portugal, Korea and Australia. I visited over 40 countries. The world shaped me as a person, experience gave me vision and different cultures taught me perspective, understanding and acceptance.

Since I remember my life was always traveling and seeking experiences. It was a permanent need of change and hunger for something new. That never changed and keeps going.

I believe we all have different triggers and we pay attention to different details that influence our surrounding and us. The plasticity of humans mind let us select and create our own concept of needs, which is a starting point in being free and fulfilled.

Whatever awakens your mind and soul on any level should straight away be a big part of your everyday life.

Self-awareness of your own potential and peculiar needs is the most amazing tool to feel fulfilled and free.

Become all of what you consciously want to be and never stop exploring and chasing yourself. Uniqueness is a power, trust the process.

She’s from: 

English, Polish, Italian, some Spanish

Areas of specialization of The Self:

Emotions, Personality, Art (creativity oriented/ Art Therapy)

Preferred Self-knowledge Tools :

Mindfulness, travelling, relationships, self-reflecion, inspirational reading

Core strengths:

Creative mind, big-picture oriented, permanent hunger for more, communication expert, solution-seeker, loyal to my values

What nurtures your soul:
Inspiring conversation. Balance. Amazing piece of art. Unreal meal. Nature. Favourite song on repeat. Creativity. Other persons laugh. Travels. Movie dialogues. Swim in the ocean. The right things in the right moment and place. 

Interest or hobbies:

Art, Traveling, cross-cultural Psychology, cinematography, self-development, swimming. 

Professionally speaking:

I finished WISP – Warsaw International Studies in Psychology. I hold a Masters Degree in Clinic Psychology with emotion-orientation specialization. I finished part of my Bachelor Programme on Universita’ degli Studi di Padova with cross-cultural courses orientation.

In EFPSA – European Federation of Psychology Students Association I have been working on Emotional Intelligence and attachment type research.

During my professional carrer I also conducted research on emotion regulation strategies, adaptation techniques and cross-cultural advertising strategies.

I worked as a cross-cultural trainer for a European sales company and as an assistant trainer in leadership workshops.

My interest in production led me to work in Public Relations market where I became a freelance PR Specialist in formulating PR plans and strategies.

Anything else?

Always! Never forget about the power of the present moment. Past already did its job and future is still about to surprise you no matter what.