The Membership.

The Membership.

Come Back Home To You

You’ve always felt different.

You are open-minded and free-spirited.

You’re curious. And you value growth.

You’re a life-long learner.

You’re deep. You’re sensitive. You’re empathetic.

You tend to overthink at times and you know it.

You value real human connection and crave real belonging.

You’ve tried to fit in but often feel misunderstood.

You don’t want to do it all alone.

We get you. 

Community of Conscious Change-makers

The Self Club is a community of committed, sensitive, change-driven, heart-lead souls who know there is a lot of healing and inner work to be done to transform the world.

We’re committed to reconnecting with ourselves, with each other and to life consistently to align spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Your sacred space to remember why you’re here and access your power.

Everything Starts with The Self

You have so much potential. And deep down, you feel it.

And it’s you that is responsible for fulfilling it. For making your life worth it. For living out your vision in a world that didn’t teach us how.

That’s what we do at The Self Club. We teach you love and accept yourself. To uncover and align yourself to your vision and truth. To evolve. To embrace your own chaos and work with it courageously.

Because you see everything so clearly. But you tend to forget sometimes. 

Sometimes you are super motivated. Other times you overthink. Get anxious. Go around in circles and get super frustrated. Get lost. Feel alone.

It’s hard to do it alone. It’s like life pulls us back into the auto-pilot, busyness, old patterns… that vortex. We distract ourselves, avoid and find ways to cope that keep us comfortably numb.

We’re here to remind you why you are here. ALL THE TIME.

Feel aligned? Join the club.

The Power of The Membership.

The Inner Work is Life Long

This is a journey of consciousness and we will continuously face new, higher levels on our journey. We want to support you along the way.

Community is Powerful

We need each other. We’re wired for belonging. Being a part of a community makes you feel connected and like you’re not alone (which you’re not!).

Accountability is a game-changer

We suck at holding ourselves accountable. But your community, those on the journey with you, we’ve got your back.

This is like gym or yoga membership for your emotional, mental and spiritual work. 

Commit to your Growth & Evolution 

You’re done going in circles.

You want to get out of your own way.

You’re committed to your healing. 

You know you have more to do and give.

You want to know why you’re here and live out your mission and purpose.

You want to believe in yourself.

You want to keep learning about yourself every day.

You want to become the best version of yourself possible.

You want to evolve and ascend mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You want to change the world, and you know it starts with you.

Showing up for Yourself Matters

That’s why we’re here. So you have no excuse.
So you have a space and a community where you can show up for yourself weekly. No matter what life throws at you.
You don’t need to get sick or have an accident to remember life is precious, to stop and rest, to remember how damn incredible it is to be alive.
You don’t need a break up to remember you want a conscious, healthy relationship.


Types of Digital Spaces

Conscious Classes

1 x month

We know you love learning. This is where you learn.  It’s a 90-minute class to expand your mind, question and grow with different, juicy topics pertaining to the self and our personal growth.

All classes are interactive and will include storytelling, journaling questions and a group discussion.

The Circle

2 x month

There will be a Men’s Circle and a Women’s Circle running at the same date and time but d. You will have access to the one you identify with.

Once in a a while the two groups will meet.

We will discuss and integrates different topics pertaining to masculine and feminine energy. 


Sacred Space

2 x month

Every full moon and new moon we get into ritual mode. We hold space for you to reconnect through different types of meditation, visualizations, and movement

  This is unapologetic ‘you’ time. Unhurried time for being, not for doing or thinking.


The Reunion

1 x month

We believe in real human connection. And in the power of play. 

Every month you’ll have social events based on conversation, play and human connection. You meet other people and interact in creative and meaningful ways.

Fun and deep. What more can you want?


The juicy topics we cover:

Think all things Self, from spiritual to psychological.
What we care about is you taking action, not just learning theory.

Some of the topics we dive particularly deeper into:

  • Self-awareness and how to know ourselves
  • Awake, healthy relationships 
  • Feminine and Masculine energy
  • Emotions and emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with fear and what’s holding you back
  • Building your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Spirituality and Energy work
  • Channeling and working with anger
  • Understanding and communicating your needs
  • Boundaries
  • Purpose, vision and values 

The moons and astrology will also inform the sequence of topics we move forward. 

If you’re a member, you get to ask and propose what we bring forward!


Some of our Teachers & Facilitators

These beautiful humans will hold spaces and share their wisdom with you. 

Nicholas Terry

 Nick is an intuitive healer. He has been meditating and exposed to deeply spiritual people since he is 12. After training for over three years in a private healing centre, he ventured off into the world to ground his talents.  

For over fifteen years, forty countries and six continents his experience learning from traditions and healers around the world has added to the effectiveness of his techniques. He is also a sacred sculptor, jeweler, and designer.


Samantha Sacchi

 She combines the scientific and the spiritual to help others understand their purpose and lead courageous lives. She loves to opens people’s minds and hearts to new possibilities.

After experience teaching, mentoring and coaching hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, Samantha help others to help others and creates spaces where people can come together and support each other to grow and live their best lives.

Ren Mathieson

Ren is a conscious co-creator and powerhouse dedicated to living a life of courage and conviction. She has done deep spiritual and self-awareness work including mom of 2 small humans (her greatest guides). 

She has learned to bring her whole self to the world weaving that strong, nurturing feminine energy into all she does. She has a background in social & emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship.


The spaces to work on yourself. 
And committing to it.

Community Experience

No Live Sessions*

Monthly payment of

*Minimum 4-month commitment

Prices are in Australian dollars

The powerful community journey where you commit to show up for yourself and for others regularly. 

  • Access to ALL online events
  • Access to our online community platform and network
  • Women’s/Men’s Circle (2 x month)
  • Conscious Classes (1 x month)
  • Full & new moon meditations (2 x month)
  • Community networking event (1 x month)
  • Access to class recordings 
  • Shared experiences & connection with community of amazing humans
  • Opportunity to host your own community events 
  • Weekly journaling prompts in group discussions and chats
  • Access to online courses 
  • Discounts on Masterclasses, in-person events (F*ck the Small Talk, retreats, workshops) and on partner services

With 1-on-1 Coaching/Mentoring

*Depends on availability

Monthly payment of 

No yearly options.

*Minimum 4-month commitment

Prices are in Australian dollars

You’re committed to showing up, plus you would like coaching or mentoring to work on a specific topic or goal. 


  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with your selected coach or mentor twice per month
  • Regular check-ins with coach or mentor 
  • Everything in the Community Experience! (All classes, access and discounts)

Commitment is about being ALL IN

Check out Upcoming Sessions

Check out Upcoming Sessions

 Community and accountability change your life.