The Self Club Team


Our team is made of conscious investigators of the Self that have done the courageous work of diving into themselves and want to give others tools to do the same.

At The Self Club, we like to lead by example, searching for greater coherence each day between what we feel, do and say.

Samantha Sacchi Muci

Founder & Consciousness Expansion Officer (CEO)

INFJ – Aries Sun, Piscis Ascendant

Samantha was born traveling. She is Spanish, Venezuelan, Italian, American and a bit Lebanese. She has a background in Economics and Business, but has always been fascinated by the human experience and the human mind and has been writing about it since she is 12. Enthusiastic about life and its ephemeral nature, she hopes to contribute to the sustainable development and well-being of humankind, leading through example and The Self Club. She firmly believes all change begins with the Self. And the world changes only one Self at at time.

Areas of the Self: The spiritual Self, Self-love, Emotional Intelligence, Holistic Nutrition

Maria Anna Wasylkowska

ENFP – Virgo Sun and Ascendant

Maria’s life revolves around 3 things: traveling, psychology and art. Traveling gives her a tangible freedom and experience, psychology gives her knowledge and understanding, art gives her shivers and inspiration. That dose of emotions makes her feel fulfilled. The Self Club is a possibility for her to show how self-knowledge and how knowing your own needs and potential is the most important thing and the starting point to become a happy human being.

Area of the Self: Personality, Emotionsο»Ώ

Daniela IsazaΒ 

INFP – Leo Sun, Scorpio Ascendant

Daniela is a nutritional coach with a background in Business and Marketing. She started her nutrition studies with Ayurveda and then dived into functional nutrition, neurolinguistic programming, training to cultivate compassion, family constellations , and yoga. She loves spending time in nature, walking barefoot on the grass, sunbathing at the beach and sharing moments with her family.

Area of the Self: Holistic Nutrition, Yogaο»Ώ

We’ve come a long way as a human race. But if you look at humanity, we’re still in diapers when it comes to mastering The Self.Β 

It is the most mysterious, most intangible most challenging and most rewarding thing to master.

But it is the key to our future.

-Samantha Sacchi