Do you know what it takes to break a bad habit or a rut?

We do. And it is not easy.

When you hear the word ‘Detox’, do you think diet, losing weight, or some kind of summer fad? Makes sense. I totally get you. I did too.

That is until I did a 3-week cleanse that completely changed my relationship with my body, with food, with hunger and with my own health. This was back when I studied holistic nutrition.

After offering 21-day cleanses back in Spain, I have now created a simple 1-week program aiming for the same results. Short, sweet and experiential.

This is not really the typical Detox. This is about consciousness. I am all about turning off the auto-pilot. This is a space to learn. Yes, you will learn about food, but mostly this is a space to learn about yourself.

You are fully responsible for your body, and I want you to take that power back. Turning off the auto-pilot in any aspect of our lives requires some serious self-awareness, it requieres observation and asking the right questions.

We offer you a space and time to do precisely this.

There is a massive information overload in the world, especially with regards to food. There are so many interests, fads, politics, marketing, so many contradictory messages.

The media manipulates the conclusions of scientific studies in ridiculous ways and the many studies are sponsored by major food companies, already creating a bias to what they are supposed to discover. 

Many don’t know what to believe. So many people around ask me questions or ask me for advice. Samantha, “Is this good?” or “Should I eat this?” But I realise we are all just missing a little basic information.

And most importantly of all: I don’t have the answer. YOU have the answer. Ultimately, your body knows more than any doctor, nutritionists or study. Ultimately, no matter the advice or information you learn about, the most important thing is to learn to listen to your own body.

I want to reconnect you with your body’s own wisdom. Trust me, it’s there. We just weren’t taught to listen.

Food is simply our tool. Food is what we will experiment with in the laboratory of our own bodies this week. 

Yes, this will attract people looking to lose weight or looking to feel more cleansed. And both might happen. But those will be consequences of the experience. But not the initial objective.

What the program does:

1- Educate you. This will give you some basic food knowledge so that you can make food choices with consciousness, from a place of knowledge, instead of a place of ignorance and manipulative advertising.

2- Challenges you. We want you to break our usual eating habits. We don’t want this to be easy. We need you to discover new physical sensations so you can actually FEEL something with your body, not only understand it with your mind.

3- Begin to re-educate your intestinal microflora: Our gut’s microbiome are the base of our physical and mental health. We want to starve some of the bad bacteria in our gut, and start replacing them with good bacteria. And you can learn the habits to continue to do this. 

4- Give you tools for the rest of your life: Hopefully the insight you gain from this process will give you important tools to make better food and body choices.

If you’re thinking “Yes Samantha, this sounds wonderful, but HOW will you do all of this?!”

Simple. It is a online webinar experience that lasts 7 days, with 4 live online sessions (that you can also watch later).

We do it in groups. Why? Because we feed off each other, we motivate each other and we feel a commitment and solidarity that we usually don’t when we’re doing this on our own. You are most certainly not alone. We never are.

This program is just the beginning. What happens after is up to you. It always is.

Sound juicy?

Check the next dates!

Disclosure: This program is not magic: Magic may occur, but is not bound to.

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