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Activate your power.

Powerful educational experiences, programs, and tools to know yourself, connect deeply, & come back home to yourself.

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Develop your

Your empowerment hub and soulful community to create and practice an inspired, connected way of experiencing life.

Life is an evolutionary playground for the soul. We help you to connect deeply to yourself, with others, and with all of life. To reconnect your heart and mind. To reconnect the body and soul and teach the mind how to care for both.

This is your safe and sacred space to experience healing, to learn timeless, practical skills, and to create a new reality rooted in truth and Love.

It’s Time to Level  Up

The education humanity needs transcends the acquisition of knowledge.

Our educational system needs a serious revamp. We’re here to elevate our collective abilities. To re-shape our societal values, our mindset and leadership capacities, and to learn to think and act on higher levels.

We teach timeless, high-order knowledge, skills, and tools that can transform the world.

We are committed to creating a new reality for individuals and humanity by providing accessible, powerful tools and maps for society, correcting distorted paradigms to reflect the outer harmony and peace we cultivate inwardly.



Heal, Grow, Transform.

Self-Discovery & Growth

Transformative educational experiences that enhance your self-awareness and equip you with emotional & spiritual wisdom and practical tools for a beautiful life.

Build Meaningful Connections

Deepen your connections and find your tribe; we foster a community with life-affirming relationships that respect you, understand, and uplift you.

Empowerment and Impact

We forge change-makers like you by reminding you of with your purpose and gifts to show up powerfully in the world and to create positive change and impact. You matter.


Reshape the World, 
Starting with Yours

When you change, the world changes. Our courses don’t just aim to change your life; they prepare you to reshape the world, starting with yours.

We help you embrace your role as a catalyst for a healthier, empowered, more conscious society. You can start ripple effect this world needs.

We are dedicated to a collective paradigm shift, one Self at a time.




Journey of You

Your path to self-discovery & meaningful connections. Begin your journey here.

Starting in January 2025!



4-month deep dive for women to activate your true potential, authenticity & power.


What our Community Says

“The most meaningful and authentic workshop I have ever done (and I’m a big skeptic so I don’t say this lightly), excellent for those looking to understand their core values and take action to enrich their lives!”

Lea, Values Workshop

“Samantha helped me acquire key tools to develop and enhance my leadership capabilities both personally and professionally. I was definitely inspired by her experience and personalised coaching.”

Natalia, Leadership Student

“It was a great experience, juicy of knowledge and stories. The freedom to be yourself surrounded by like minded people who want peace in their world. Understand who you are- the key for your freedom.”

Delphine, Mindset Training



Transform your organizational culture with tailored workshops, leadership training, and strategic.


  • Leadership and Emotional intelligence
  • Collective problem-solving & innovation
  • Custom trainings, workshops & Team-building


Empower your institution with transformative educational practices designed to foster deep.


  • Curriculum innovation & Alignment
  • Strategic Educational Consulting
  • Educator training & empowerment
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Insight Academy
Marly Camino
Epic Llama
INTI Network TV

They quickly became a key resource in our educational start-up in transforming the way we deliver our courses into highly engaging master classes. They also researched and produced highly specialized and targeted content for women in leadership in the construction industry.

Yosu Z., Co-founder

Skillsy, Training organization in Australia

That was the beginning of a journey in which she worked hand by hand with me to create a unique school that delivers unique outcomes to students. We wouldn’t be the institution we are today without the knowledge, passion and expertise in the professional and personal development that Samantha brought.

Jose, Founder

Insight Academy, College) in Australia

All team members were astonished with her capacity to orientate and explain those insights and emotions and even how to apply it in our daily work duty. Her capacity to organize it in just 2 days with such complexity topics and boosting the best of in each team members was tremendous spectacular and unique

Andre, Manager

Barceló, Corporate Client in Spain


Join our awesome community of heart-centered individuals.

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Samantha Sacchi Muci

Our Founder

As a deeply sensitive soul who grew up between continents, Samantha’s endless inner & outer search has taught her to truly belong to herself. Born in Venezuela, raised between the U.S. and Spain, and with Italian and Lebanese blood – she has lived in over 10 cities across 4 continents.

As an eternally curious path-forger, she is always asking herself how we can create a better world and human experience. Growth and peace are her drivers. Love is her fuel. She reminds human beings of their power and Love by guiding them home to themselves, to know themselves and be themselves deeply.

She’s a born entrepreneur and communicator in total service to humanity’s expansion of consciousness. She’s a force of nature, a natural innovator and a scientist of creativity and of the heart.

The only way out is in.


Powerful education that works.

The Self Academyʼs experiential programs combines wisdom and modern science to ensure impactful learning and deep, lasting change.

Timeless, practical, knowledge, wisdom, & magic.

Community of brave, soulful humans on the path of growth & love.

Experienced, trained teachers, mentors, & coaches guiding you.

Structure, commitment & accountability to keep you on your path.