Know yourself.
Love yourself.
Transcend the Self.

Know the Self.
Love the Self.
Transcend the Self.

What is

The Self Club

We’re on a mission to expand the consciousness of the collective, starting with each individual Self. We want to co-creare a more self-aware, self-responsible, emotionally intelligent, socially conscious place through powerful educational experiences and tools. 

We’re here to teach you the you stuff no one taught you, opening your eyes and raising your consciousness about how we work as humans, who you are and why.

It all starts with you. 


4-Month Self-Confidence Activation.

Doors are open. We start September 2024.


Community of Conscious Change-makers

The Self Club is a community of committed, sensitive, change-driven, heart-lead souls who know there is a lot of healing and inner work to be done to transform the world.

We’re committed to reconnecting with ourselves, with each other and to life consistently to align spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

For Awesome,

Curious Individuals

For Awesome

Curious Individuals


We help you know yourself, love yourself and align yourself – to make your life awesome.

Powerful one-on-one


For Innovative


All organizations are made up of people and they exist for people. The human component is key! We consult on and embed human-centered strategies in organizations at all levels, depending on your needs:

For Innovative

Organizations are made by people and for people. The human component is key. We consult on and embed human-centered strategies in organizations at all levels, depending on your needs.


Educational institutions



Educational institutions



People Say

“The most meaningful and authentic workshop I have ever done (and I’m a big skeptic so I don’t say this lightly), excellent for those looking to understand their core values and take action to enrich their lives!”

Lea, Values Workshop

Melbourne Decemeber 2019

“Samantha helped me acquire key tools to develop and enhance my leadership capabilities both personally and professionally. I was definitely inspired by her experience and personalised coaching.”

Natalia, Leadership Student

Melbourne May 2019

“It was a great experience, juicy of knowledge and stories. A women full of good intentions and positivity. The freedom to be yourself surrounded by like minded people who want peace in their world. Understand who you are- the key for your freedom. I dare you to try, you might like it.”

Delphine, Mindset Training Workshop

Melbourne December 2019

Our Epic


The Founder

Samantha Sacchi

Hello!  Since a very young age, I've been trying to figure out my sensitive, overthinking Self.I moved so many times as a child, finding home became an inside job for me.

I went through life doing many of the things we were supposed to do, like getting good grades, getting university degrees, getting into relationships, etc. but nothing ever felt enough. And it's because I didn't feel enough.

I had everything, yet I was so insecure, self-conscious, emotionally unstable, and didn't understand why. I searched everywhere from philosophy to psychology and neurology, to self-development and spiritual practices. I realized no one ever taught me the most important thing in the world - how to know, love and navigate myself

After living in over ten cities and meeting souls from all over the world - I know that all the answers we seek lie within. There is profound beauty in our humanity and this life experience is no coincidence. You are part of the collective web of life. I am out on a mission to connect us with that humanity and why we are here

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Hi! I’m Samantha

I want to co-create a new paradigm of humanity and I invite you to be a part of it. Check us out, reach out, and let’s collaborate!
How Feminine Energy Can Change The World

How Feminine Energy Can Change The World

When people ask me, “Is there anything you would change about your life?” My general answer is usually no. Because I do believe everything happens in its own time and you are dishonoring yourself by unfairly judging your past self with the eyes, lessons and experience of the present