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How Future Self works

1. Write

Write your email, long or short. Take your time to get inspired if you can. Reflections, reminders, recognition – whatever your Future Self might need.

2. Choose Future Date

Choose a date into the future when you wish to receive the message. It could be meaningful like a birthday, end of the year, or not.

3. Confirm your Email

Click on the confirmation email you will receive to verify your email address. If you don’t verify, your email will not arrive.

4. Live your life

You can now forget about your email. It will travel through space and time and arrive on your chosen date. Perhaps it will be a surprise.

This is
great for:

  • When you’re starting or ending something important like a course, project, a job, a relationship, etc.
  • When you are going through big life shifts, big lessons, discoveries or emotionally significant moments
  • For teachers, coaches, therapists to use with their students and clients
  • Important life reminders you don’t ever want to forget
  • Self-reflection rituals for milestones like birthdays and New Years

Future Emails Delivered

Average days into the Future

Years Delivering Emails

Looking for

Here are some prompts and reflections:

  • What do you want to make sure you don’t forget X years from now?
  • What life lessons and values do you want future you to remember?
  • What goals, intentions & visions do you have for your Future Self?
  • What are you going through right now? Let it out.
  • How do you want the future to be different from your past?