Unapologetic Activation.

Deep 4-month Women’s Healing
and Empowerment Program

This cohort-based, multi-disciplinary 16-week program & transformative journey for women seeking to build self-confidence, reconnect with themselves, their self-leadership, and step into their power alongside an empowering community.

Level: Foundational
Duration: 16 weeks
Who: Women ages 20+
Format: All Online
Modality: Pre-recorded + Live

This is a journey of coming home to you.

You are a ‘perfectionist’.  

You anxiously overthink.
You feel too much or not enough.
You doubt yourself & your decisions.
You over-give and can’t say no.
You’re disconnected from your body.
You underestimate your worth.

It’s time to step into your power.

Next Cohort:
January 20, 2025

 *Limited spots available.


You are a ‘perfectionist’.  

You anxiously overthink.
You feel too much or not enough.
You doubt yourself & your decisions.
You over-give and can’t say no.
You’re disconnected from your body.
You underestimate your worth.

It’s time to step into your power.

Next Cohort: 
January 20, 2025

 *A few spots still available.

Feeling lost and disconnected from who you're meant to be?

Living life according to external expectations that you’ve internalized is exhausting.

Move past the painful shackles of shame

Our current society and structures profit on our insecurities, they play on our shame telling us we are not enough unless we look a certain way, achieve certain things, etc. That shame is keeping you stuck, questioning yourself, doubting and overthinking. It’s deep and we must move past it.

Create a paradigm of self-awareness & self-love

A paradigm is new way of viewing reality all together. It’s a new set of beliefs, of values, of operating ‘rules’. Together we can transform these patterns through radical self-love. Change the relationship you have with yourself, heal your past, own your present to create your future. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself are the gateways to freedom. 

Transform reality, reclaim your power & magic

When you understand that you create your own reality and that everything is happening for you, everything starts to shift. You become an AGENT of change, you become a creator of your own life. That’s when you start to remember your power. That is when you start to transform your own reality. It’s spectacular.

Darling, being at war with yourself is EXHAUSTING

The time has come for women to learn to be in their power, unapologetically.

It is now the time to heal the feminine, it is time for women to rise. 

Our current society is built on shame – all current power structures play on our insecurity, making us feel small, too much, not enough, all at the same time.

As women, we need to un-do the layers of conditioning that has disconnected from our power for centuries. There is a profound healing that is now taking place as we tend to all the wounds our war-driven, power-hungry, oppressive systems have created.

If you’re reading this, you are likely part of this healing. 

We need to bring love to the parts of ourselves that were shamed, judged, and abused. We need to learn to trust ourselves again in a world that tells you not to. You need to reconnect with your body, your emotions, your intuition, and your authenticity.

All wounding comes from a lack of love. But our essence is love and that is what our soul is wishing our mind would remember. It’s time to reclaim our wholeness, our power, our magic. This is for you and for all women in the world. When we do this, the world will begin to heal.

Here you will get the tools, practices, and safe space I think every single woman in the world would benefit from to live an empowered life. It’s time to remember your Love, your Magic, your Worth.

Feminine leadership is the important work of our time.

Self-leadership is a powerful journey of reconnection, healing and empowerment.

This is for you if:

  • You want to feel less burdened by self-doubt & fear
  • You want to develop courage to live more authentically
  • You want a tribe for support, community and accountability
  • You want to upskill your soft skills: Mindset, adaptability, resilience, emotional intelligence
  • You want to heal your own trauma and dysfunctional family patterns
  • You crave connection with your purpose, light and power
  • You want to break repeating patterns and limiting beliefs
  • You feel a calling to a deeper spiritual connection with yourself
  • You want support to face your fears and gain confidence in yourself, your vision & dreams
  • You desire real community and connection with women 
  • You want to become a better leader for yourself & others around you

If you're ready to take the leap into your most empowered self, Sami is the woman who can help you bridge that gap. Her unapologetic self throughout all the calls allowed me to release my fear of being seen and fully dive deep into the coursework. This course has given me a new set of tools to lean back on to fully feel and accept all my emotions and balance out my divine masculine and feminine energies. I feel like I can set boundaries with confidence now and embrace being my highest self.


Powerful Self-leadership Training

Life-long practices & toolkit to heal + rise in consciousness.

Psychological Upgrade

Use your mind so it doesn’t use you. Journaling, CBT, shadow work, visualization, to help you reprogram your beliefs & the way you think about yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are energy in motion. Trauma is stuck emotions. We learn how to work with them, self-regulate, & calibrate emotional energy.

Embodiment Practices

Back to the body baby. Connect with your body, your vessel listening to it, moving it, and working with it deeply. Expect dance, breath work & movement practices.

Feminine-Masculine Integration

It is about both. Understand masculine-feminine energies and rebalance the yin and yang energy within yourself to find wholeness within.

Upgrade your Frequency, Move Up the Empowerment Spiral

It is our duty to help each other rise.

Schedule & Time Commitment

1 Recorded Online Class

Each week you will receive an video or audio class, a PDF summary, & supporting material (quiz, handouts, etc).

1 Weekly Group Class

We will have a weekly 2-hour group call for deeper exploration, debrief & engagement.

4 live workshops

Once per month we have a 4-hour onlinie workshop for where we get to go really deep.

actionable weekly tasks

Each week you will have exercises or a practice for real-life application for everything we're learning.

+ ALL content will be on the online Academy portal

It is time to come back into your power.


Feel what it is like to be in your power and make decisions from that place. 

Heal Anxiety & Insecurity

Get to the core of your anxiety & unworthiness through deep group work.

Know & Love Yourself

Go deep into uncovering who you are on a soul level and fall in love with it.

It’s time to be on your side

Become your own best friend and powerful ally to release the grip and pressure.

Change your story & Beliefs

Rewrite your personal story to heal the past and your beliefs about what is possible.

Become the leader of your life

Develop a trusting, self-believing leadership mindset to lead your life.

The 3 Part Unapologetic Process

Part 1

The Core of Self Worth

In weeks 1-5 we create the foundations of this powerful space with our sisters. This knowledge & inner work is essential for all healing:

  • The origins of our shame & inner critic
  • Our emotional body & how to feel
  • Re-parenting our inner child
  • Practice parts therapy & emotional release

Part 2

Taking Back your Power

In weeks 6-11 we gain the framework and tools to connect with ourselves, body, mind and soul, in powerful ways:

  • Our types of needs & how to meet theem
  • Set aligned boundaries
  • Work with our life force energy
  • Access your higher self

Part 3

Co-creating with the Universe

In weeks 12-16 you start to craft your new reality with aligned action by practicing all we’ve learned. It is time to show up for your Future Self:

  • Connect with your purpose, goals & vision
  • Use your stregnths, skills & magic
  • Practice the power of creating & manifesting
  • Deal with obstacles & commit to the path

A game-changer for our Unapologetic Graduates:

The biggest thing is that I learned to feel. It’s not that I didn’t feel before, but to pay attention to that and honoring that. Not doubting the space it deserves. In my life, in society… I truly feel this is my calling.
I’m so happy I have this anchor now. I feel I am exactly where I should be. I’m so proud of myself for choosing to do this. For working on myself as a person.


Flavia, Brazil

The impact it had on me was to open that door of deep healing and find a real peace within. I could see how my face changed with this work. My hair and skin are glowing, I have way less wrinkles and no more tension at all, my muscles are firm but relaxed. It just hit me,  that inside change reflecting on the external physical.

I also learned with that program to allow myself to connect to others on an emotional level, I learned I could trust my intuition on whom I could be vulnerable with and be safe to show my emotion but mostly receive their vulnerability in a safe way.

Connecting with this group of women is the most wonderful part of this program. I wouldn’t have make such progress on my own, or even on a one-on-one work with a coach. Having others’ experiences reflected back at me was so eye-opening over my own wounds and so supportive in doing the work.


Melanie, France

I am eternally grateful for the Unapologetic experience and the connections I made with a beautiful sisterhood! I knew it was something I had to do and I am so happy I listened to my intuition to give myself the time and space to connect so deeply. I learnt so much about myself and have so many tools. This is so powerful, I keep coming back to it. Thank you Sam and to all the women.


Andi, Australia

'This completely changed my life'

The women Guiding you

Meet the empathetic women who will mentor you with guidance, time and space so true healing can take place. Take a transformative journey with us towards self-discovery.

Samantha Sacchi

Founder of The Self Academy

Samantha skillfully blends scientific and spiritual tools to guide individuals in discovering their purpose and living bravely.

With her rich experience in teaching and coaching entrepreneurs, she has crafted a powerful journey, offering close guidance through weekly classes and group sessions.

Ania Kroll

Assistant Facilitator

Siobhan is a Breathwork Meditation Healer who helps others be mindful and reconcile with past traumas and “stuck energy".

Siobhan will lead us in Breathwork Meditation in our bi-weekly workshops in order to move stagnant energy and get out of our heads.

Siobhan Lou

Guest Facilitator

Siobhan is a Breathwork Meditation Healer who helps others be mindful and reconcile with past traumas and “stuck energy".

Annika Peutz

Program co-creator

Annika co-created this program using her invaluable background in Business Psychology, Leadership, Emotion Work, Women’s Empowerment and mediation.

Join a Powerful Community of women from all over the world.

You were never meant to do this alone darling. 

Enrollment for
January 20, 2025

You may pay in full, or in four installments which will be automatically debited every 4 weeks.

We’ve created a tier system for women to choose depending on their financial means. Please choose your tier with honesty and integrity.

Tier 1:

$888 x 4

Or ONE payment of $3,110 (Save $442)

*Prices are in US dollars.

Financially Privileged 

  • Reflects the true cost of the class or service.
  • You have financial security, property ownership, or personal savings.
  • Youu can afford “wants” & do not worry about basic needs
  • You can afford investing and supporting the community

*5 spots available

Tier 2

$555 x 4

Or ONE payment of $1,880 (Save $340)

Prices are in US dollars

Steady but Constrained

  • Highest tier may be challenging for you
  • You have steady income but focus on basic priorities like food, shelter, & healthcare.
  • You’re trying to save, managing debt, or living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Balances affordability and support for community resources.

*4 spots available

Tier 2

$333 x 4

Or ONE payment of $1,220 (Save $120)

Prices are in US dollars

Financially Struggling 

  • You’re struggling to meet basic needs
  • You live month to month or have a lot of debt.
  • Designed if you otherwise are unable to attend due to financial constraints.
  • You are balancing personal growth with financial realities and need support 
    *Payment plans are available if needed.

*3 spots available

All prices include:

  • Powerful 4-month online program at The Self Academy
  • 16 live weekly group calls and accountability sessions
  • 1-on-1 session with Samantha
  • Access to community and group
  • 4 powerful 4-hour live, online workshops
  • Access to community and group
  • Weekly exercises and worksheets
  • Access to videos, audios, PDF for 2 years
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Guest speakers and facilitators
  • Shared experiences and connection with community of women
  • So much support, LOVE and MAGIC

This will change you. Let it.

Is your body saying YES?!

Join the waitlist for the 2025 cohort of Unapologetic 2025.

Let me get real with you - This goes beyond you.

This is all about you, and it also goes way beyond you.

I know right now you might feel stuck, riddling with anxiety, self-doubt, overthinking, second-guessing… It’s nightmare-ish and I get it. I’ve been there.

But I want you to zoom out. This is not only you. We are talking about millions and millions of people. Millions of women. Why? Is feeling peaceful, worthy, happy, and whole such a big ask and so hard. No. It’s not. This is a deep systemic issue.

My life is devoted to creating new systems, new ways of thinking, new paradigms of living. I am a passionate educator, fire-starter, and cycle-breaker – and I want to wake your soul up and give it wings.

This is a very unique, holistic approach we have co-created combining psychology, timeless spiritual wisdom, and practical, real-world knowledge. 

I will bring all of myself to this. All my deep studies and experiences all over the world and into the depths of my soul. My personal entrepreneurial experience. My years of experience working with aspiring change-makers and entrepreneurs. My years of writing professional courses in conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship in the higher education sector.

And mostly, I will bring the integrated woman I have become today who I love so dearly with all her magic and imperfections and power – I will bring all of her for you to help you heal, rise and activate your power to the degree that is available to us.

I think every human being should have this knowledge and tools. This program sets the groundwork and foundation of your freedom and power.

– Samantha


Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment? Can I participate if I have a busy schedule?

The time commitment is on average 3-4 hours per week max plus 4 hours of weekend workshops once per month. That’s about 16-18 hours per month, which is 4-4.5 hours per week ono average. The more you put in, the more you get out.

If you have a busy shcedule, the most important things is for you to attend the live classes. And of course make time to listen to or watch the weekly class and do your self work. 

What's the time zone and what if I can’t assist the live workshops?

Great question! The times of the sessions will be established specifically for the people locations of that cohort. Uusually calls are optimized for afternoons/evenings in the U.S. and mornings in Ausutralia. Sessions tend to be in the evenings for participants in Europe. The weekly coaching call and the Saturday workshops are really important to attend live, but if you can’t make it, the group and myself will try our best to have you catch up on what you missed. 

Can company/organization sponsor this program for me as professional development?

Definitely! We’re happy to send you our tips and PDF to help you get started in approaching your employer. Email us to request it at hello@theself.club

What if I can't afford it?

Our money reflects what wee value most. I once spent literally the last 1000€ I had in an envelope on weekend experience that was the beginning to my empowerment and aligned decision-making towards the life I wanted. Unconsciously or consciously, many of us don’t believe WE are valuable and worth investing in. So we spend time and money on distractions and things that keep us stuck.

That being said, if you really cannot afford this right now and feel this is for you at this time, we have partial scholarships available and awesome payment plans. Please reach out and ask us about them! Book a call and we can tell you all about it. 

What are some of the contents we cover in class?

Download our full program to see a week by week outline of the course. You will learn very rich and practical theory that you will then apply weekly. This goes from beleief work, to emotoinal intelligence, inner child and re-parenting, types of needs, types of boundaries, masculine-feminine energy, purpose, etc. 

I am still unsure.

Big commitments can ofteen bring things up. If this is calling you but have doubts, then tune into your body. What’s coming up? What’s in your way? Is it the same self-doubt that has got you stuck? Or is it a legit need of information you’re still unsure about? Fear is sometimes disguised as practicality.

Also, ask yourself, what are your goals and intentions for this year? Is this aligned? Let’s have a chat and clear any doubts. That’s what we’re here for!

Be more loyal to your dreams than your fears.

Next cohort: January 20, 2025

This program is the foundation for your self-awareness and self-acceptance.

It provides the tools for your psychological, emotional & spiritual well-being – the pillars of your self-esteem.

Ready to dive in with us?