Towards a Conscious,
Connected Humanity

We empower individuals & organizations to create a more beautiful future.

Take a deep breath with us. And then let it out. Imagine with us a more connected, harmonious world with us. What does that look like?

We have wondered why… being healthy, happy, and in peace is so hard in today’s world? Why are people so lost, emotionally disconnected, physically ill, and psychologically confused? Why is there so much division, war, and disconnection? Why is business and economic ‘success’ often at the expense of life, at the expense of our human and planetary well-being?

We think it makes absolutely no sense.

Most want change.
Few want to change.
We help lead change.

Now… imagine a world where everyone feels they can be themselves, while still being able to grow and evolve.

Where humans have the capacity and willingness to share our challenges with one another instead of fighting each other.

Imagine humans and nature living in sync.

Imagine businesses making beautiful profits while uplifting humanity and nurturing the planet and using its resources sustainably, not at the expense of them.

Imagine human beings enjoying life each day, sharing their gifts with the world, connected to a community, feeling healthy, capable, and in peace.


We believe this is possible. We empower individuals and our educational systems to become agents of change in our complex, ever-changing systems.

Our foundations is built on empowering the Self and cultivating humanity.

We reconnect the mind with the heart for optimal inner teamwork. We remind the body about the soul, and teach the mind how to care for both. We acknowledge all parts of a human being in this human experience and make sure our lives make space for all of them.

We foster self-awareness, emotional & relational intelligence to nurture integrated humans beings. And we sprinkle some creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and multidimensional leadership skills.

Each course, workshop, and interaction at The Self Academy is designed to challenge, inspire, and empower individuals and orgnanizations to step into their roles as architects of a conscious, life-affirming society and economy.

Life-affirming Community is Transformational

How can we love each other more? Serious question. So many societal problems arise because of our inability to deal with pain. As simple and romantic as it seems, all human beings desire deep down is Love.

We teach people how to love each other by learning how to hold space, how to see, hear, and respect each other, how to foster the real human connection we all need to survive and thrive.

Our community fosters inclusivity and sustainability, aiming to cultivate not only informed citizens but evolved souls ready to contribute to a beautiful future. We support each other’s ever-changing life journeys and remember we are all ‘walking each other home.’

Our Philosophy: Be. Play. Love.

At The Self Academy, we champion a transformative education that not only enlightens but also
empowers individuals to lead change. Through our pioneering educational framework, we prepare you to reshape both personal landscapes and broader societal frameworks.

BE: Creating a New Relationship with The Self

We encourage human beings to know themselves and connect with themselves on a deep level, living intentionally and authentically, which is essential for personal fulfillment and effective societal contribution.

  • Mindful Presence – Grounding in the present moment to deepen the connection with yourself and your surroundings.
  • Authentic Expression – Knowing and embracing your true self, acknowledging our masks, defenses, and working with them to align your life to your true Self.
  • Inner Compass – Cultivating an internal guide you can trust, aligned with personal integrity and coherence.

PLAY: Creating a New Relationship with the World

‘Play is the highest form of research.’ We encourage the development of flexibility and creativity needed to thrive in our dynamic global landscape through curiosity and exploration.

  • Explorative Curiosity – Approaching life with wonder and a zeal to foster continuous learning, without judgement or fear of failure.
  • Creative Problem-Solving – Learning to think out of the box and employ critical and creative thinking to tackle complex challenges we face personally & collectively.
  • Play as Research – Using play, laughter, and stepping out your comfort zone as a tool to discover, learn, and break barriers.

LOVE: Fostering a New Shared Spiritual Understanding

Love is about nurturing the deep, meaningful interconnectedness to each other and to all of life, beyond religion, culture or race. “Love” is about our shared humanity.

  • Inclusive Connection – Fostering authentic human and social connection that allows us all to feel heard, seen, and like we belong.
  • Life-affirming Systems – Advocating for a life-centered approach that balances human needs with ecological sustainability.
  • Collective Empathy -Building empathy and understanding across diverse cultural and personal divides.

Our vision is to co-create a self-awareness, emotionally, socially, and spiritually intelligent world, contributing to the evolution of the consciousness of the collective psyche.

Samantha Sacchi,
our Founder

As a deeply sensitive soul who grew up between continents, Samantha’s endless inner & outer search has taught her to truly belong to herself. Born in Venezuela, raised between the U.S. and Spain, and with Italian and Lebanese blood – she has lived in over 10 cities across 4 continents.

As an eternally curious path-forger, she is always asking herself how we can create a better world and human experience. Growth and peace are her drivers. Love is her fuel.

She reminds human beings of their power and Love by guiding them home to themselves, to know themselves and be themselves deeply.

She’s a born entrepreneur and communicator in total service to humanity’s expansion of consciousness. She’s a force of nature, a natural innovator and a scientist of creativity and of the heart.


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