The Self Club is a collaboratory digital and physical space to understand, discover, experience and connect with the Self.

Everything begins with The Self.

Nobody taught us how to be human. This stuff can be hard! We want to give you the tools to do it better, make it lighter, more enjoyable.

Why? So you can fully take advantage of this precious life and live it in a conscious, meaningful, and intelligent way – that is, be happy and fulfilled! We believe increasing our consciousness and awareness as individuals are the way to progress sustainably as a collective.

We believe in educated change. We believe in empowerment through self-awareness. We want to give you space and tools to ask the right questions and ask the place where most questions lie; in your Self.

There is so much inside of us dying to be acknowledged. We are beautiful, mysterious beings with so much to give. We want to give you the tools and spaces to connect with everything that you are. 

After all, it’s no coincidence you are you.

The state of the world is just a reflection of the interior of individual human beings.

Samantha Sacchi Muci, Founder of The Self Club


All parts of you want to be acknowledged. We want you to have epiphanies realizing how fascinating and complex we really are as human beings. 

The world of The Self is infinite. We embark on the journey of Self in all possible dimensions. No part of you deserves to be excluded or ignored.

We are open to everything and critical about everything when it comes to Self. Ultimately, only you have the answer. We integrate ancient wisdom, modern science, and a variety of tools from different investigators of The Self from different times in history and different parts of the world.

Our experts in different areas The Self will help the exploration of the different dimensions and perspectives from which The Self can be explored!

Every experience, every encounter is an opportunity to uncover different layers of yourself slowly and makes sense of the puzzle of life.



Reading about The Self is fascinating and you can find endless content that might help you understand more about The Self and your Self.

Actually integrating this knowledge into your decisions, into your body, into your actions is a whole other level. Feeling it. Embodying it. That is human intelligence at its finest. That is where the magic happens.

Actions speak louder than words. And action is want we want to create!

We aim to educate and inspire. And most importantly, we want to give you ways to integrate that through discussions, conversations, experiences. Experiences that open your eyes and mind. Ultimately, experiences that allow you to discover something, anything, about yourself.

This is indeed a platform for Self-Discovery.

Let us challenge you.
Let us show you everything that begins at
the end of your comfort zone.


We want to bring you different, fun, practical, exciting means to dive into The Self.

  • Awesome Blog with guest authors
  • Live Workshops, Talks & Events
  • Online and live programs 
  • Online experiences: Courses, webinars, and group experiences
  • Online tools: Future Self Email, Self Mapping, and downloadable material
  • One-to-one sessions: Personal, business, strategy or wellness.
  • Multi-day Retreats 
  • The Club: An international network of investigators of The Self 


Here, you will find a group of purpose-driven individuals who know they want to leave the world better than they found it. After individually diving into our depths, and we know we want to help others do the same.

We believe in creating value for the planet and for society. We believe and invest in enterprises that focus on this value, rather than just profit for the sake of profit.


  • Creativity
  • Freedom.
  • Purpose.
  • Sustainability.
  • Kindness.
  • Well-being.
  • Self knowledge.
  • Self-love.
  • Self-discovery
  • Honesty & Transparency.
  • Quality.
  • Co-Creation

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