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12-Week Journey Healing the Feminine

Our Future Needs Women like You.

You are a perfectionist.
You work hard.
You overthink.
You doubt yourself.
You try so hard.
But you still underestimate yourself.
You’ve been disconnected from yourself. 


It’s time to anchor your trust & confidence.

Next Cohort: September 27, 2021

Applications open. 


Hey you, welcome home to you.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” – The Dalai Lama

We’ve been disconnected from our feminine essence

You don’t need advice or to be told what to do. You need to learn to trust yourself.


Women’s Perfection vs. Self-love Struggle is Real

What if I told you that women get paid LESS than men because they believe in themselves less (despite how brilliant and competent they might be)?

Leadership Strategist Jack Zenger wrote on Forbes, “Men are not exempt from doubting themselves—but they don’t let their doubts stop them as often as women do.

A Hewlett Packard internal report found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. What doomed them was not their actual ability, but rather the decision not to try.”

Nobody taught us how to know ourselves. How to manage our emotions. How to access our power and purpose. How to harness our strengths and integrate our weaknesses. 

Women been disconnected from their power for centuries. And now our perfectionism, our caring too much about what people think is our biggest enemy.

If perfect is your standard, you’re never going to get there. Perfectionism and confidence are at odds. Do you realize that? Your goal is already unachievable to begin with.  

The world needs more female leadership, to step into their voice and power, love themselves, and to stop doubting themselves. 


And it starts with you.


A 12-week journey to reconnect with your power.

What is this program about?

Practical, Actionable Wisdom

A Community of Brave Women

Inspirational, Trained Women guiding You

Commitment and Accountability

You’ll reconnect with yourself by:

  • Changing the relationship you have with yourself.
  • Knowing, seeing and loving yourself.
  • Rewriting your story.
  • Healing your past, owning your present to create your future.
  • Changing the relationship you have with fear.
  • Becoming your own ally and best friend. 
  • Developing the mindset that can guide you through life.
  • Learning to trust and believe in yourself.
  • Seeing yourself in a new light, by finding your own light.
  • It’s about investing in your healing and your growth.

You are ready if you….

  • Want to contribute to a world where visionary, wise women lead and hold power
  • Want a life of purpose and freedom
  • Are tired of self-doubt and impostor syndrome
  • Want to stop undervaluing your worth
  • Constantly prioritize others above yourself
  • Feel alone stuck in your own head overthinking
  • Find it hard to make and trust your decisions
  • Know you have more to give and do in the world
  • Want to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level
  • Desire to be heard, seen, and loved.
  • Work well with others and crave community

We know how tiring and lonely it can feel in your head.

What you’re looking for is not out there. 

If nothing you do seems enough. Your relationships. Your jobs. Your projects. You’ve been looking in all the wrong places.
After all, how much time have you already spent doubting? 

It’s inside YOU.

Combining Modalities from Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

This is a holistic, curated program that will work with your mind, your body, your emotions and your energy.

We use a combination of practices ancient wisdom to modern science. We use neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques along with embodiment techniques, breath work and other energy work to get you unstuck and moving forward.

It is a 12-week journey designed to take inwards and upwards. The journey is yours and only yours and we’ll be there to support you.

Your facilitators are women who have been through this journey themselves and have been leading others through it for years. 

We believe science and spirituality go hand in hand. We’ll show you all about it.

You were never meant to do this alone.

A Holistic Container

Psychological work

Energy & breath work

Embodiment Work

Visualisation Work

What the program

This is for the Community Experience (not for the online version only):

12 online classes each week.

Each week we will have a class on Mondays 1.5 hours + questions. You can revisit them & re-watch them as often as you’d like! We teach you the mindset, vocabulary and tools you need to do the deep inner work. See topics when you download the full program

Actionable tasks each week.

Self-confidence requires action, it’s what harnesses the brain’s neuroplasticity to create change.  Every week you will have either one-off actionable or a daily practice.  We will hold each other accountable for that. 

Workbooks, worksheets and additional resources.

After every class you will have some questions to answer either on the platform, as a worksheet or journaling prompt. Classes may come with additional optional resources like articles, books or videos. 

6 live half-day workshops.

A live workshop with the facilitators every other Saturday. This is where we integrate the knowledge, work with each other and with the brilliant facilitators working with you live. (Workshops are normally $150-250 each.)

12 weekly group coaching calls.

Check-in calls every Thursday you can attend for us to connect, share and explore what we’re going through. At least one of the facilitators will be present to prompt you and help you navigate anything that comes up.

Monthly Exclusive Sessions ambassadors and mentors.

Our ambassadors will come on and share their story regularly.  We will also host exclusive our ‘Roundtable’ Talks, workshops, talks and mentoring sessions regularly.

Access to private group chat + group with coaches.

This is where we will share our progress, post some of the actionables.

An Accountability Group

You will be assigned an accountability group to check in regularly with.  

The best project you can ever work on is you.

 Save your spot for the September 2021 cohort.

Schedule + Commitment

This program works best when you show up consistently for all parts of it.

Showing up fully for yourself and your sisters will be a key for the magic to take place.

Class + Questions every Monday

Classes will be recorded and sent to watch on your own time before the Thursday session. 

Group Coaching Calls Thursdays 

Group calls will be live for 2 hours every Thursday at 7:30 pm AEST (Melbourne, AU).

Workshop every other Saturday

This is where we go deep for 4 hours at 6 pm AEST (Melbourne, AU for two Saturdays per month. (It goes by so quickly!)

Weekly Actionables 

You will have tasks to complete. Usually journaling prompts, filling out worksheets, or other assignments. Approx 1-2 hour per week. 

The full calendar will be sent 1 month before the program.

This will change you.

  • Deeper self-love and self-awareness
  • Practical life-long exercises to work through your emotions
  • An amazing tribe for support, community and accountability
  • Upskill key soft skills: Mindset, adaptability, resilience,
  • An emotional Intelligence toolkit for you and to teach those around you
  • Connection with your purpose, light and power
  • Tools to deal with repeating patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Deeper spiritual connection with yourself and your feminine essence
  • Empowering you to have the courage to be YOU
  • Support to face your fears and gain confidence in yourself, your vision & dreams

Whether it’s your business, career, finances or relationships – everything begins with healing the relationship with yourself.

Samantha has made this for YOU.

Hello you brilliant woman. Yes, you. 

I’m Samantha! Entrepreneur, life and business coach and strategist specializing in mindset training, emotional intelligence, and self-discovery.

I’m also a passionate educator and course writer and feel strongly about chaining education into something practical, real, and outcome-based. 

This is what I bring you:

  • A unique, hybrid approach combining practical, real-world knowledge and experience from my business degrees and personal entrepreneurial experience, with spiritual and psychological necessary to go deeper and find true meaning.
  • Years of experience working with aspiring change-makers and entrepreneurs, helping them know themselves, believing in them so their ideas can come to life
  • Years of writing professional courses in conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship in the higher education sector.
  •  My personal journey and stories about how I went from feeling stuck being my own worst enemy to my best friend and ally.

This program sets the groundwork and foundation of everything else I do and will be the new pre-requisite for any of my coaching clients. 

Our Awesome Facilitators

 These are the wonderful women who will be guiding you and accompanying you on your journey to you. 

Samantha Sacchi

She combines tools from the most scientific to the most spiritual to help others understand their purpose and lead courageous lives. She loves to opens people’s minds and hearts to new possibilities.

After experience teaching, mentoring and coaching hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, Samantha has put together this 12-week journey where she will be accompanying you every step of the way through the weekly classes and group sessions. 

Annika Peutz

As an empowerment business coach and life coach her mission is to support humans on their life journeys in unlocking their full potential and impacting the world for the better. 

Annika co-created this 12-week journey using her invaluable background in Business Psychology, Leadership, Emotion Work, Women’s Empowerment and mediation and will be with you guiding and supporting you through the journey. 

 Siobhan Lou – Guest Facilitator

She is a Breathwork Meditation Healer from the Scottish Highlands, she helps others be mindful and reconcile with past traumas and “stuck energy to heal themselves, leading to greater fulfilment, authenticity and clarity. Plant medicine is another powerful tool she uses as a Cacao ceremony practitioner.

Siobhan will be leading us through Breathwork Meditation in our bi-weekly workshops in order to move stagnant energy and get out of our heads.

Download the full program.

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These wonderful women are advocates of the program.
They will be in our community and showing up for you sharing their own beautiful stories.

Ren Mathieson

Ren is a conscious co-creator dedicated to living a life of courage + conviction. As a mum of 2 small humans (her greatest guides) she has learned to bring her whole self to the world weaving that strong, nurturing feminine energy into all she does. She has a background in social & emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship & absolutely LOVES facilitating genuine connections both with & for others.

Jess Leondiou

For the past 9 years, Jess has owned Butter Collective, a branding agency specializing in innovative approaches to marketing & industry positioning. 
Last year she opened a second business Archley’s which specializes in tools that help people have deeper conversations with themselves. Products that come from tools and frameworks Jess had created for herself to strengthen her self awareness. 

Michael Bartura

Michael has a rich background in therapy, education, business and mindfulness as well as Training & Development including 12 years as a therapist and 17 years leading, training and coaching individuals and groups across four continents. 

He develops and drives senior executive and global, science-based leadership coaching programs backed up by neuroscience and more than 30 years.

What people say

  • The impact of this emotional intelligence has been huge, extremely huge and I can’t be grateful enough for that. I never thought that such an inner analysis will help me that much in my business and daily life.

    -Anonymous Testimonial
  • “Inspiring, creative, insightful … Samantha is all of that and so much more. Thank you for BEing in my life.”

  • “I was at that guy’s house and I felt he was sort of putting pressure on me. And I was feeling uncomfortable and I knew I felt uncomfortable. And I went to the bathroom and was thinking about how you talked about boundaries and how you don’t have to do anything.. all of the good things you told.

    Literally those words gave me the courage to hey I’m going… and not feel guilty, or not feel obligated. It’s funny that because of our chat I actually became crystal clear just how much I thought I had to and that I didn’t think it was a choice.

    Thank you for being there for me and having that positive influence, that beautiful narrative about boundaries. Yea, I just walked out of situation feeling like I actually chose what I wanted to do and it was thanks to you.”

  • “I did not have the opportunity to say thank you for everything, for your patience, your advices, positive energy, our anthem “put things first”. I really enjoy my time and I have learnt a lot.
    Also thank you for introducing meditation in my life, it was the first time that I experience something like that and I want to make it part of my life in order to reduce the stress and be aware of my thoughts.
    Thank you again for everything”


    What our Unapologetic Women have to say

    This is a game-changer in your personal development.

    The biggest thing is that I learned to feel. It’s not that I didn’t feel before, but to pay attention to that and honoring that. Not doubting the space it deserves. In my life, in society… I truly feel this is my calling.


    The power of feminine energy.. it’s just innately powerful. I never paid attention to distinguish my feminine vs. masculine energy and I realized I had a lot more masculine energy. 


    I joined with the intention to raise self-awareness, understand myself better, and regain confidence. Samantha had the exact words and concepts that I needed to hear and I just got so excited because I was learning so much.

    She truly showed me a perspective that lifted me above the shadows that I was living in and now I’m able to see things differently. This program reminded me that now I can choose again to leave the victim mode that I was in and to start creating my life with conscious responsibility and utmost trust for it.


    From Michael, one of our Ambassadors to you:

    “Anything that gets women to be stronger, empowered, engaged and resourced is not just a good idea, it is likely the most important single factor in our chance to navigate successfully the massive challenges we face as a community, no, as a specie.
    What Sam has done is pull together self-awareness, emotional intelligence and mindset training and packed them all into a strategy for making a difference, mastering excellence and delivering on purpose in a fun, communal and skill-building package.

    Please join. For you and for us.”

    Enrollment for: September 27th, 2021

    This is an investment in you.

    If you sign up by July 31st you get up to a 25% discount.

    We know women need this more than ever.

    You may pay in full, or in three installments which will be automatically debited every 4 weeks. 

    Choose the tab with your preference and click “Apply Now”.

    Community Experience

    Limited spots available*

    Early bird:
    A$590 x 3

    A$1,550 in Total (Save $220)

    Save $480 before August 15, 2021

    After August 15: 

    A$750 x 3
    A$1990 if paid in full

    If this is financially difficult for you, contact us to look at other payment plans. 

    Prices are in Australian dollars

    The powerful community journey that will take you with everything described on this page.

    • Full 12-week online program
    • Access to community and group 
    • 6 powerful, live, online workshops
    • 12 weekly group calls and accountability sessions
    • Access to community and group 
    • Weekly exercises and worksheets
    • Access to videos, audios, PDF 
    • Monthly live conversations with amazing Ambassadors and Guest speakers 
    • Shared experiences and connection with community of women


    Plus One-on-one

    *Only 3 spots available


    Early Bird:

    A$990 x 3

    A$2,750 in Total (Save $220)


    $1,190.00 x 3 after August 15

    $3390 after August 15


    Prices are in Australian dollars

    Complement the community journey with personalised, one-on-one sessions. 

    • Full 12-week online program
    • Access to community and group 
    • 6 powerful, live, online workshops
    • 12 weekly group calls and accountability sessions
    • Access to community and group 
    • Weekly exercises and worksheets
    • Access to videos, audios, PDF 
    • Monthly live conversations with amazing Ambassadors and Guest speakers 
    • Shared experiences and connection with community of women
    • 9 biweekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Samantha (including 3 after the program)
    • Personalized exercises, plans and goal-setting

    We create a supportive, inspirational space for women access their power, self-worth and courage.

    We believe education should be empowering, action-driven, and holistic.

    It’s no coincidence you are you. You are so brilliant, but were did nobody teach us to access your power? 

    Unapologetic is an hands-on program that uses genuine and inspiring voices to help you take action

    We help you feel supported, connected and worthy by providing a new lens and narrative in how you see and relate to yourself, helping you access and harness your own power.

    Sisterhood and community matter. We were never meant to do this alone. We are social beings at our core and need each other to THRIVE. We grow when we support each other. 

    It’s time to get out of your own way.

    This is the foundation for the relationship with yourself to achieve anything you want in life.

    Check out the full program.

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    You are serving no one by playing small.


    Q1. It sounds good but I’m still not sure.

    A. When you know, you know. If this is calling you but have doubt, then tune into your body. What’s coming up? What’s in your way? Is it the same self-doubt that has got you stuck? Or is it a legit need of information you’re still unsure about? Fear is sometimes disguised as practicality. Reach out and book a call to see if it’s for you. That’s what we’re here for!

    Q2. What are some of the topics covered in classes?

    A. Every week is different and builds up on the week before. An example of a class is emotional intelligence basics. It covers the 5 basic emotions, their purpose, and our relationship to them. I discuss the barriers we have to feeling and how to get out of they way so we can let ourselves feel.

    Q3. What if I sign up and realize it’s not for me?

    A. Don’t worry. We have a 2-week money back guarantee if you think the program is not for you after signing up! But we don’t think that we’ll happen 😉

    Q4. How much time will this take?

    A. The time commitment depends on how much you want to put in but on average 1 to 2 hours per week max plus 4 hours of weekend workshops twice per month. That’s about 16-20 hours per month.

    Q5. What's the time zone and what if I can’t assist the live workshops?

    A. The times of the sessions will be catered specifically at people in Eastern Australia and Europe. Being there live would be ideal, but in case you can’t make it workshops will be recorded and you will have online access to do them before the next one.

    Q6. Is every part of it mandatory?

    A. The workshops are critical and so are the weekly classes. The group coaching sessions are not mandatory every week but recommended. We always advise to listen to yourself and do what feels right for you, noticing the difference between internal resistance to show up and and a clear ‘no’.

    Q7. Can company/organization sponsor this program for me as professional development?

    A. Definitely! We’re happy to send you our tips and PDF to help you get started in approaching your employer. Email us to request it at [email protected]

    Q8. Is there anything I have to do to progress?

    A. Yes, only one thing: Show up and commit to doing the weekly actionables. There are moments when resistance comes up and we feel it’s too much and we can’t do it. But like all of life, it’s just one day at a time. So one week at a time we will slowly open our mind and hearts to our own truth and deepest self.

    Q9. What if I can’t afford it?

    A. We find always find time and money for the things we value. I once spent literally the last 1000€ I had in an envelope on weekend experience that was the beginning to my empowerment and aligned decision-making towards the life I wanted. Unconsciously or consciously, many of us don’t believe WE are valuable and worth investing in. So we spend time and money on distractions and things that keep us stuck. (Sound familiar?) If you really can’t make ends meet and feel this is for you, we have 2 scholarships for every cohort that you can apply to!

    More questionsBook a chat.

    We want to meet you.


    Imagine a world where women are more loyal to their dreams than to their fears.

    It starts with you. 

    Next cohort: September 27, 2021

    Applications are open.

    Or join the conversation:

    Check out our upcoming events here.