Samantha Sacchi Muci – The Founder

Consciousness Expansion Officer (CEO)

Age 29   –   INFJ   –   Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Piscis Ascendant   –   Number 7

I love life. I see it as our playground. And how we experience it as humans is so fascinating to me. 

Hi guys, welcome.

I believe in humanity and am deeply optimistic about our potential.

I have a profound curiosity to understand the experience of being human. Since I was a child I have been transcendental and philosophical. I can’t imagine being any other way.

It took me years of much inner work and searching to understand this and accept it. In my earlier perception of life, I often felt it was too difficult to be so deep in such a superficial society.

When I accepted this part of my essence that I often played it down, it changed everything. I realized that transcendence was a key part in my happiness and life journey.

When you start owning everything that you are, all of your life begins to change.

My deep journey of self-investigation and personal work in the past 15 years of my life have led to create The Self Club. Through deep self-awareness and self-love, I have overcome self-doubt, ego-derived pride and defensiveness, and deep insecurities and complexes I had growing up. 

I love getting people out of their comfort zones, talking about taboos and what is new and uncomfortable and helping them dive into corners of their Self and their Soul they weren’t aware of.

I think every human being is deeply fascinating, and that indeed Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

Traveling chose me before I was even born. I have moved 16 times to be precise! I have lived in Venezuela, Spain, the U.S., Italy, Hungary, the UK, and Australia. I truly feel like a citizen of the world.

I’m in love with questions. Sometimes just asking the right questions unlocks a magic that was waiting to come out.

I think deep down we all wish to be healthy and happy. Some of us, like me, have a perpetual existential hum. We search for purpose, for meaning… And that search, that journey could be what life is all about. Who knows.

I truly believe that if every person took full responsibility and consciousness of their own Self and dealt with their internal issues, it would inevitably reflect in the exterior and all world issues would slowly begin to solve themselves.

“Understanding the power you possess in shaping your reality and the world and remaining humbly in awe of how you are a small speck in an immense ever-changing collective universe; that’s where the magic is.”

English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and a little German

She’s from: 
Never a simple answer! I was born in Venezuela, I am Spanish/Italian and was raised between the U.S. and Spain. I also have Lebanese blood.

Areas of The Self:
The Soul, Emotional Intelligence, Holistic Nutrition, Personality, Collective unconscious 

Preferred Self-knowledge Tools:
Getting out of your comfort zone. Coaching. Philosophy. Psychology. Experimenting. Self-assessment tools like MBTI. Astrology. Spiritual tools. Everything and everyone around you.

Core strengths:
Vision, communication skills, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, optimism, empathy, curiosity, analytical skills.

What nurtures your soul:
Nature, hiking, mountains, deep conversations, dancing, singing, learning and discovering.

Interest and hobbies:
The Self (of course!). The human experience. Walking in nature. Sustainability and sustainable development. Waste management. Music.

Professionally speaking:

I created a beautiful enterprise with my mother called Marly Camino, dedicated to the Camino de Santiago and other walks in Spain. At Marly Camino I handled the marketing, business strategy and organization, accounting, public relations and growth of the enterprise.

Marly Camino is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Allowing me to develop my entrepreneurial side, create value in society, and meet beautiful people from all over the world who are soul searching. 

I hold a degree in International Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan and a BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) from CEU Business School in Budapest.

I am an official practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming and Expert in Holistic and Natural Nutrition, both things that I am deeply passionate about.

I hold a Masters in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching from EAE Business School in Madrid.

I worked as a Holistic Nutritionist in Healthing Medical Center in Madrid alongside the renowned Irina Matveikova as one of my mentors.

Anything else?

Ah yes, I believe in magic. Not magic tricks, not illusions. Real real magic, the kind you make.

Join the club.