It is no coincidence.

We made it to Australia. 11 years later. Since we met, two teenagers in Florence, we have traveled and lived in countless cities and countries, we have had life-changing relationships, and a most importantly, an evolution of the Self that has led us to this point.

We are both natural investigators of the Self. And we both aspire to understand and teach others about the nature of human psychology and human behavior so that we can take advantage of this life fully.

This crazy journey called life led us here: Together in Australia, with a beautiful backpack of experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and contagious energy (we’ve been told). 

We are going all in and trusting fully the deep desire we have to create tools, experiences, and content that educates and helps others.  A fascinating challenge and risk – the kind that our adventurous nature craves, and that our mind and emotions now feel prepared for, after much inner work.

An adventure that we think will certainly be worth it – no matter the outcome.

We’re already enjoying the challenges of moving to a new country and starting from scratch, adapting culturally, meeting new people, and exploring possibilities

Our endless conversations about life, human beings, culture and possibility has been a key part of the adaptation process!

In all those conversations, started doing what we love most: getting creative with self-development. we carefully curated interactive workshops that combine theory with practice. We are creating amazing spaces for you to learn about your own Self in a different way, about others, and become more conscious humans and leaders in our day to day!

When we thought about writing a welcome article, we decided to do one of the main things that led us where we are: Ask each other questions!

We wrote 7 questions, answered them separately and recorded our reactions on camera. 

Questions are powerful tools that open different doors for us every time. They trigger a few our all time favorite aspects of being human:

1 – Honesty, transparency, and authenticity: Values that fuel our existence.

2 – Vulnerability: A necessary ingredient that helped us transcend the superficial and feel real connection and depth that leads to meaning.

3 – Emotions and our capacity to feel: One of the most beautiful expressions of the Self, that we must still learn to understand, work with and manage to have a healthy relationship with them.

4 – Friendship and connection: The glue of human interactions that got us here. Human relationships are at the core of the human experience. They nurture us, heal us, challenge us, mirror us, and allow us to grow and thrive. Healthy ones, of course.

Our questions and our answers:

1. In 3 sentences, what was your first impression of her?

Samantha said:
“From what I can remember, I didn’t really understand her or her motives. She seemed a bit overly enthusiastic and like too involved before I even knew her well. Not very usual for Europeans (generalizing here). She had a positive, enthusiastic energy, but I I was just a little sketchy for some reason and didn’t have the best impression.”

Maria said:
“When we met we were part of two different groups. I was a European searching for Latin spirit, which she has obviously in her blood and she, on the other hand was searching for Europeanattitude that I should have in blood haha. Our needs those days divided us back then but our personalities have made us friends for 11 years now!

2. In 3 sentences, how do you see her now?

Samantha said:
“Now… well. I see her as a spectacular, determined woman and one of those friends and humans that supports you, challenges you, and really nurtures your soul. It’s difficult to say how I see her, because more than see, I feel her, I know her, I grow with her. Our time together in the past weeks has also transformed our bond for me.”

Maria said:
“She is one of my best friends in the world and one of the best things that ever happened in my life. Being always curious about everything, hungry for adventure, non-stop eyes opening she naturally became an ingredient of my everyday life needs, without which life makes no sense anymore. “

3. Why are you still friends – what held the friendship together?

Samantha said:
“I think there is no rational answer to this. I know that we are soul friends, past that first impression, I always felt we had known each other forever. Our mutual admiration, the enjoyment of each other’s energy and contagious enthusiasm for life, our natural loyalty as friends always pulled us back to each other, and our never-ending curiosity were also some of the glue that held us together. I think we knew that no matter how much time passed, we knew nothing would ever change. Basially, there is a point friends pass where they become like family. Where you know they will always be there, no matter what.”

Maria said:
“Challenging ourselves with different topics and life perspectives are the main reasons. We’re very similar and different at the same time. It’s a must to have a person with different personality who you admire to be able to understand people’s nature more clearly. But above all I trust her more than I trust myself in way too many things haha. I also think that we both have this ability for unconditional acceptance towards each other. That definitely means something to me. Transparency is our key to successful friendship. I’m not saying it’s always easy but we both believe the more transparent, more real. And is there something better than real friendship?”

4. Five words you associate with her.

Samantha said:

“Life, Intuition, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, On Earth”

Maria said:

“The Self  (obviously haha), Curiosity, Love, Consciousness, Acceptance”

5. Is there anything in you that she triggers?

Samantha said:
“Tough one. The word “trigger” makes me think about not-so-good reactions (rather than positive ones). The strength and confidence in the way she expresses herself in some topics triggers my defensiveness, and self-questioning. It is very interesting because the same things happens to other people with me. Best mirror ever.”

Maria said:
“Inspiration and creativity and there is no better and more important things you can trigger in me – I hope my future husband will have these skills too haha. Einstein said creativity is the intelligence having fun what better thing can be triggered by a friend?”

6. How did she influence the Self that you are today?

Samantha said:
“Wow. This influence has is there, no doubt, but it has also been particularly present in the past weeks. She really creates a space where I can take myself less seriously, something I really really really appreciate. I feel a kind of unconditional love from her, that is strangely surprising to me for some reason. It’s like… unexpected. She’s had a big influence on how I perceive and relationships and friendships, and how I see myself in them. Also, since I see some of the ways that I am reflected in her, it somehow also makes me more comfortable with myself and gives me even more permission to be myself fully. Without feeling like it’s not enough, or it’s too much, or that I will hurt someone. The way she values authenticity so much is like almost an obligation for me to be extra authentic and myself above all else.
She also influenced the way I see conflict and the role and attitude I take when there is conflict.  I think there are ways she has influenced me that I am not consciously aware of, no doubt.”

Maria said:
“She made me more conscious of what I wanna be conscious about. She keeps spreading my mind and I’ll always be grateful for that. What’s most important she teaches me myself and it’s really good to just know what annoying traits you have 😉 hahaha nah kidding she sees some good in me too. Since I was a teenager she was always opening my eyes for new things, from different perspective, she fed my mind with interesting, triggering thoughts and topics. I always loved exploring new things with her in this natural, easy, funny way. After 10 years we still have our favourite game, which we call a Question Challenge haha. I can easily say she made me a better person, she influenced who I am today a lot and I will always be grateful for that because I like this person. It’s all about picking your bottles and she also taught me that. That made me a more balanced person because it helps me to manage my life in a better way. I was always bad in that, she was always better. Let’s see if the student suppresses the master.”

7. Why is doing the workshops with her extra awesome?

Samantha said:
“It really is EXTRA awesome with her, I am so excited! I think we both have a huge capacity and drive for self-exploration, we are both born investigators of the Self. We both have so much energy and enthusiasm, such an amazing tool box, mixed with some key differences to our personality and approach to life, and that creates an amazing synergy! Her fearlessness, risk-taking and enthusiasm fuels mine. And it feels that if we want to, there are no limits to what we can create. 
And my favorite thing of all, we are on a quest to know more. We learn with every interaction, every conversation, we push our limits and want to keep expanding, so I know anything I do with her will take us in this direction!”

Maria said:
“Because of the flow and energy we share work is a pure pleasure. We drive each other, motivate each other and respect each other. I feel that our minds put together are unstoppable, full of creativity and huge potential for giving to the world something that is not there yet. We both have a massive need and desire to make it easier for people to get to know themselves in a natural, fun, exciting, curious way and make them believe that more you know yourself, more pleasurable your life is for you. We believe in innovative, fresh, new and true. In that way we want to create something that will inspire others. Some people say never mix friendship with business, we say don’t do it if you re not self aware enough.”

We want to meet you at our workshops and events!