Your Astrological Self

Are we connected with the universe?

At The Self Club, we want to give you tools in all domains that might give you deeper meaning and understanding of your own Self! This is one we love

Astrology is based on the connection between celestial observations and terrestrial events, that is, the relation between things in the universe and us. It dates back to over 6 thousand years ago!

As humans, we’re craving and looking for connection and our relationship with something bigger than ourselves. The moon controls the tides. Could there be more? Let’s dive in.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the Self and our lives can be done in many shapes or forms. Understanding how the planets were aligned when you were born, might give us some insight into the meaning of our lives and the connection with something bigger than ourselves.

This is not about predicting, or shortcutting. This is about another source of information and very interesting framework where you might find useful information about your own Self and your relation to the world!

 Here you can book a 1-hour live reading with one of The Self Club’s favorite astrologists, Dee. She wants to make astrology easy and accessible to the world, which is one of the reasons we love her.

Ask her questions, be curious, open your mind and dive in! This is all for you.

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“Be open to everything and question it all. Nothing is the answer. But you can find part of the answer in everything. “

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