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The Founder

Samantha Sacchi

Hello! I do not fit in many boxes. Since I was 13, I've been trying to figure out my sensitive, overthinking Self as I moved homes 18 times over my life.

I was constantly anchoring in who I was within myself. Reading, writing, and reminding myself of my strengths, and writing all over my mirrors to remind myself of what’s important and reminding myself that I'm enough.

I spent years studying logarithms and memorizing literature but no one ever taught me about my own Self. Like how to manage my emotions or how to love myself. 

I had to teach myself so many things. I searched everywhere from philosophy to psychology, to the modern self-development industry and medicine and neurology. It has been quite the ride! I think everyone should understand what makes them tick and have some basics on how to have a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

I’ve lived in 10 cities across 4 continents, have moved 18 times. I also speak a few languages. And I know that beyond any world structures we’ve created, we are all just human. I am out on a mission to connect us with that humanity and why we are here. It's no coincidence!

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